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Ramsay McMichael’s Structural Engineers collaborate with Architects, building owners and builders to design elegant solutions for projects of all types, sizes and levels of complexity.

The company’s Engineering service have a specific proven track record specialising within the Insurance Sector of the construction industry, acting as expert witness for respective parties, examining structural failures where litigations are pending or where determination of probable cause is necessary to allow insurance and contractual claims to be settled.

Specialist professionals provide an emergency response to structural failures, fire damage and structural collapses and their specification and proven track record ensures that they are well aware of the requirements of insurers, their representatives, statutory authorities and the emergency services to mitigate loss and ensure public safety.

A wide range of more traditional and professional services including project co-ordination, design advice at feasibility, preliminary and detailed design stages, right through to site supervision and project completion.

Ramsay McMichael Consultancy constantly challenge the industry to design and deliver projects faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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